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American Isostatic Press (A.I.P.) 30 이상의 기술과 신뢰를 바탕으로 세계 시장에서 쌓아온 명성을 소개 합니다

연구 (Hot Zone Size: Dia 70 X 100 mm long) 에서  

최대규격  (Hot Zone Size Dia 1550  X 3050 mm  Balzers & Laybold 설치)

HIPping설비까지 다양한 Option 보유하고  있습니다


AIP 수 십년간 한번도 vessle failures 없는 유일한 업체입니다.


HIP (R & D 표준형)


    working pressure 30,000 PSI

    2200 Carbon-Carbon Furnace(hot zone size :dia 70 x 100 mm long )혹은

    1500 Molybden furnace (dia 100 X 150 mm)

    기타 Platinum & Tungsten type furnace, Sinter-HIPping 가능

    설치, 시운전 ,교육 완벽 지원 !


CIP (LAB 용 표준)


    working pressure: max60,000 PSI

    vessle size : dia75 X 300 mm

    CIP Experimental Kit 1 set 포함

    WIP (Warm Isostatic Press 도 available )


■ Hip Temperature 2300 까지■ CIP Pressure to 150,000 Psi
■ Oxygeon Syetm for HIP ■ HIP replacement furnace
■ HIP pressure from vacuum to120,000 psi ■ Sinter-HIP temperature to 2300 ℃까지
고온용 thermocouple ■ Sinter-Hip pressure from vacuum to
Large Siz HIP system ( Hot zone Dia 800 X 1500 mm Length, 2000 도 30,000 PSI ) 

연구용 HIP 시스템
Hot Zone: dia 150 mm X length 300 mm / Carbon Furnace  
온도: 2000 도
압력: 30,000 PSI ( 2000 bar) ~ 60,000 PSI
Carbon -Carbon furnce
AIP offers the widest range of HIP systems on the market
Being a small company,  AIP is able to respond quickly to customer demands
and design custom machines for a particular application
Company profile:

•American Corporation, Privately Held
•Founded in 1991by Rajendra Persaud
•Joined by former HIP people
•Over 100 Years Combined Experience
•17 Employees, 2 locations

Equipment specialization;
•Research Systems
•Pilot Production Systems.
•Full Scale Production Systems
•Specialize in Rapid Delivery of Custom Equipment
•Rapid Response and Quality Service 

Experienced staffs;
•Involved in over 200 installations
•Customers include Fortune 100/500 Companies
•U.S. Navy, Army, National Labs
•Foreign, Radioactive, Clean Room
•Large Projects, Leybold, Kittyhawk, Bodycote
•Retrofits for AE, ABB, National Forge
AIP Uses only ASME Coded pressure vessels because of their proven safety
and reliability. Additional PED certification available for European market.



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